YALC: Wrap-Up

Well, another YALC has been and gone, and I thought that it was best to get my highlights post written before the post-con blues set in properly and it becomes too painful… 😉

It was a wonderful weekend, filled with, meeting friends old and new, and utterly amazing bookishness. And even a couple of non-book related evenings out. 😲

On the Friday, I left my wheeled case at the hotel, thinking I wouldn’t need it as I was only taking few books to be signed… Guess what? That was a mistake. (Yeah, yeah, I should have known better. It is my third time at YALC after all!) All the books in that first photo made their way home with me at the end of the day. My shoulders were not impressed!

The other two photos contain the books I picked up on the Saturday and Sunday. Looks like I’ve got some fantastic reading over the coming months!

Friday night was also the launch night for BKMRK (the book community from Hachette) and Non Pratt’s #QuizYA fund-raiser night, over the road from the exhibition centre at The Hand & Flower. I was on Sara Barnard’s team, and we somehow managed to win! (Even beating Jim from YAYeahYeah’s team.)

It was an amazing night and a perfect end to the first day. Even if I had just a little too much wine, considering I had to get up early in the morning!

Go #teambarnard!

On the Saturday night, Non, was also having her head shaved on the main stage when it was gatecrashed by Benedict Cumberbatch! Security soon moved him on though! 😉

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there in person as I had to leave early to get back to the hotel, so I could get back out, did manage to watch in on the livestream though. 😃

You can still donate should you wish/be able to at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/truthordare

Of course one of the highlights was getting to meet lots of fantastic authors and get them to sign their books, the above show the signatures I managed to get.

I mentioned that I did some non-bookish things whilst I was done in London. I went down on Thursday, rather than just stay in the hotel, I went to take in a show. Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, which was wonderfully, funny, filthy and filled with some great singing.

It was another music based evening on Sunday when I went to see Feist. It was a really great night. It was the first time I’ve seen her live, and I have to say it was one of the warmest, most friendly, welcoming concerts I’ve ever been to!

There was a couple invited on stage to have a dance, another audience member was given a chance to sing a song, and then during the encore, a woman got up on stage to ask her boyfriend to marry her. (He said yes!)

All, in all an amazing weekend!