CRYPT: Blood Eagle Tortures by Andrew Hammond [Review]

Blood Eagle Tortures by Andew Hammond


The fourth entry in a series that’s a fantastic blend of teenage spies, horror, and ghost-busting.

On the remote coast of Suffolk an amateur diver uncovers an unusual artefact while exploring the lost town of Dunwich, now submerged a mile from shore. Within hours his boat is robbed and the burglar is found mutilated on the beach, in a way reminiscent of a Viking ritual killing.

Can the CRYPT agents decipher the clues and figure out what might have been disturbed on the seabed before more lives are lost?

Previous Books in the series: The Gallows Curse | The Traitor’s Revenge | Mask of Death


Can’t believe I’ve had the review copy of this one for over a year! I knew it was a while, but certainly not that long. Still I took the opportunity over the Christmas break to get a start on Blood Eagle Tortures and finished it on New Years Day.

Not all of the horrors in Blood Eagle Tortures comes from the supernatural, the bad guys in this one are perfectly capable of carrying out their own atrocities, and Andrew Hammond even manages the neat trick of making you, if not actually liking them, but you won’t necessarily hate them either.

Even with some of the horrors coming from humans, that doesn’t mean the gore quota has been ratcheted down in any way, no, there’s still plenty of blood and guts on the page to enjoy!

It’s also nice to finally see Judd and Bex acknowledge their mutual attraction, before the will they/won’t they became irritating. It is Judd and Bex though, so I’m sure things will not be plain sailing from here on out.

Especially with the way events pan out at the end of the book, I won’t spoil things here, just in case you are as far behind in the series as I have been, but it is the most shocking end, Andrew Hammond has pulled off in the series so far. While I hesitate to call it a ‘nasty’ cliffhanger, as you are not really left with a question as to what happens next, you’ll definitely want to pick up the next in the series: Guardians’ Reckoning.

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My copy of Blood Eagle Tortures was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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