Digital Fortress – Dan Brown [A Weekly Geek Style Review]

Mrs S | Blue Archipelago

Welcome to the WGs!

I’ll ask about Digital Fortress.

Why did you decide to read it?

Would you recommend it to a girl who enjoyed Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code?

Why did I decide to read it? Well i was just looking for some lightweight page-turning stuff that wouldn’t need much brainwork. Would I recommend it? Well, if you like Dan Brown’s stuff, yeah you should enjoy it enough to make it worthwhile, if you were a bit ‘meh’ about them, then I’d give it a miss.


Hey! I’ve read one of those! did you like digital fortress?

Hi Ivette! It was okay, nothing fantastic, but enjoyable enough.


I’ve got Digital Fortress on my shelf waiting a turn. Is it worth the effort? Should I bump it closer to the top?

As I said to Mrs S, if you like Dan Brown, then yeah give it a go, if you are ‘meh’ about his stuff, then probably give it a miss.

I’ve never read Digital Fortress. If you’ve read any of Dan Brown’s other works, how does this one stack up?

Not as good as Angels and Demons, but probably better written than The Da Vinci Code, though maybe not as much fun.

So Dan Brown, huh? You’re a brave man to take him on after The DaVinci Code hullabaloo. I liked that book, at least somewhat, but the thing that frustrated me about it was the fact that each chapter seemed to end with such a contrived cliff-hanger – is the Digital Fortress better at embedding the literary devices? Am I the only one who doesn’t want a book to set me up for what’s next?

Ha, yes! That is exactly one of the issues I had with The DaVinci Code! and yes I would say this one is better written, but it maybe loses some of the fun and the sheer exhilaration of reading that book.

I heard that Digital Fortress was a stinker though I haven’t read it. Would you recommend it? And did you read the other Dan Brown books? Should we believe the hype?

I wouldn’t say it was a stinker, in my opinion The Davinci Code was more of a stinker. No we should not believe the hype, his books arn’t horrible, but nowhere near as good as the sales would leave you to believe.


Welcome to the Geekdom!

I liked Da Vinci Code and loved Angels & Demons and they are not my type of reading, at all. I haven’t picked up Digital Fortress as it seems even farther from my taste. Have you read theses also? If so, how do they compare? Does Digital Fortress have a methodical mystery theme where the author builds tension, releases it a bit and then builds again, etc…? Is there a surprise ending?

I think, that I’ve already covered some of your questions in my other answers, as for the way the theme and tensions build, well I’ve compared his stuff to a summer blockbuster movie before, and I think that still holds, none of the surprises are shockingly surprising and the ending is what you would suspect.

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