Never Evers by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

Never Evers Book Review

Never Evers | Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison | Chicken House Books | Jan 2016

About the book

Kicked out of ballet academy, Mouse is hating the school ski trip. Jack was sure it’d be filled with danger and girls, but hasn’t a clue about either.

That’s until French teen sensation Roland arrives in the resort – and Jack’s a dead ringer for him.

After Roland persuades Jack to be his stand-in for a day, Jack, in disguise, declares his feelings for Mouse. But what happens when he’s no longer a pop star – will there still be music and magic on the slopes?


Lobsters, Tom & Lucy’s previous book, was such fantastic, cringe-y fun, that I could not resist Never Evers when I was offered a review copy! Featuring slightly younger protagonists and themes, I’m pleased to advise doesn’t mean the cringe moments are any fewer. The fact that you can see some of these moments coming long before Mouse and Jack do, makes them all the funnier!

Mouse and Jack are just as clueless and misstep just as often as Sam and Hannah were! I didn’t have the pleasure of a school trip away when I was a teenager, but I did go away with a youth group, both as a ‘youth’ and later as a leader, so it did still bring up some long-buried memories! 🙂

I loved the friendships Mouse and Jack had with their friends, they all felt really real, just the right level of support and mockery good friends should have. 😉 While the group of friends at all great, particularly likeable are the main couple, I loved the moments Mouse and Jack had, when they were alone and talking.

Each page is packed with moments that will make you want to look away, watch in morbid fascination, and laugh out loud. Often at the same time!

Fantastic fun!

My copy of Never Evers by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison was provided by the publisher for review purposes.